Anusha weds Akhil

Anusha and Akhil have been hopelessly in love for the last 7 years (Although Akhil has been in love with Anusha for more than 20yrs, but thats a different story all together). They are getting married on 5th March 2014 and would love for you to share the joyous moment with them.


He is just a guy next door who just loves whatever he does. He loves his work and he loves to work hard. He is incredibly lucky to have found Anusha. Of all the wishes that he ever had, being with her is his most favourite.


She is like an angel straight from heaven who landed here just for Akhil. She is a simple girl with eyes so pretty that any amount of poetry would be insufficient to describe them. She is super enthusistic about whatever she does and every moment spent with her is like the best moment ever spent.

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