The Story (short version)

Long long time ago ( let me stop right here and tell you that this is a good story so just be patient. The actual story is quite long but this is the shorter version). Ok so where were we. Yes, long time ago, there was a little boy. He was just like other little boys. He liked to play in the dirt, did not like to go to school, loved chasing monkeys and was fond of raisins. He was born in Mussoorie and was a happy little kid of the snowy hill station. When he was 6, his father got posted in Delhi and so he picked up his toy guns and robots and what nots and came to Delhi along with his dad. At first he did not like Delhi. No snow and no monkeys. And whats with this flat. He missed his home and no amount of raisins would help. His father stayed in Pushp Vihar for some time and then they shifted to Vasant Vihar. 20 - J in the CPWD colony. This place was better. Kids to play with. Candy shop on the ground floor. It was good. Soon he made a lot of friends in the building with whom he used to play. Hide and seek and what not. It is a good life being a kid. He liked his new friends. But there was this one special girl in his group who was his favorite. She lived one floor above his house. And she was the prettiest little thing. Golden Hair, white as snow, brown eyes (which i am sure he did not notice then, but now they are the source of his existence). He did not know why but he loved to pull her hair (<- this is how 6 yr olds say "I like you"). And she was a brat. And a crying machine. Every morning the whole building would resonate with her shrieks as her mother tried to get her to change into her school dress. They weren't in the same school. He wished they were. He would simply wait for the evening to come, for the play time. The time when he would meet her. Pull her hair, have a fight. This cycle was good. Life was good. Akhil Anusha Childhood

But shortly the father of the little girl moved to a different locality. The little boy just came to know when they were leaving and she came to say bye. He came to the door, said his goodbyes and came back in to watch TV. It was only until the evening that he realised that she was gone. He missed her. The fights were not the same anymore. But there are some great benefits of being a kid. You forget things very easily. Or atleast are attracted to new things. Life went on and she became a memory in the back of his mind.

Year 2007 : A lot of time had passed and a lot of things had changed. The little boy has not transformed into a big bright boy. He was completing the final year of his engineering and had a job offer in his hand. Again, life was looking good. He was a modest young man with strong ties with his family, so one fine day he was summoned home to accompany the parents to a wedding. "But what would i do there. How does it make sense for me to come all the way from hostel just to accompany you to a wedding 5 kms. away" he said. But in the end he had to come. And he is glad he came. Because this day, this event was going to make a change so big in his life that his entire life was going to change its direction.

He saw her.

It had been a very long time since he had seen her but he didn't spare a second in recognising her. There she was, still so pretty, radiant. In her red skirt. He does not like that red skirt. Who wears a red skirt. Stupid red skirt (hair pulling mode activated). He wants to go upto her and talk. Well, he feels the same whenever he sees a pretty girl but this time he wanted it bad. But he couldn't :( He doesnt want her to think that he is head over heels for her and is hitting on her. By now he knows how to deal with pretty girls and not losing face is the topmost priority. He was looking for a chance to make his entry. Miraculously, the mothers start talking. She is standing next to her mother. He needs to be with his. He rushes to greet Aunty ;) and strikes a conversation. "Studying in DU and preparing for CA. Not bad!" he thought. Also made a mental note - "Find out what CA is". Things were going well (for a meet-cute) suddenly they announce that they are leaving. What? So soon? Why? He needs to get her number. He can't wait for yet another wedding to reconnect with her. He does not know what to do or what to say. Push came to shove and he went for it. Straight away. "Oh you are leaving! Why don't we exchange numbers so that we can stay in touch". The statement was out in the air. Both the mothers are standing. Just before it turned into awkward, she said "OK". He took her number and gave her a missed call. As she was leaving he said "I will call you". She nodded. He repeated "I will call you". To this date he is reminded of the emphasis he put on this statement.

Three days have passed. He has not contacted her. She has not contacted him. He was busy. Plus he did not want to look desperate. On the third day, he texted her - "Hey, what are you doing?". She replied promptly. She was in college and texting was her life. Any text sent to her would get replied within seconds. He called her up. She disconnected. He texted him - "What happened?". He told her he is not that big a fan of texting and finds talking more comfortable. He was not lying. He likes to talk to people and more importantly listen. He listens to everyone. She told him she was busy with her friends and couldn't talk. He told her it was cool and went on with his job. The frequency of texts slowly increased. She would occasionally forward him a joke and he would respond with a "hi". He was good at starting a conversation. She had (has) an amazing voice. Very atypical. Sweet but not overtly sweet. She speaks softly. And slowly. He on the other hand is loud and fast. Still they like to talk to each other.

Three months had passed and they are now talking daily. He has joined his job and now financially able to spend a fortune on phone bills. He asked her to meet. She asked why. He did not have a logical answer. He said, just like that. It has been quite some time and i think we should meet. She said she will think about it. He didn't mind. Till now he has no romantic intentions in his mind and is cool with all her tantrums. He would still remind her from time to time that he wanted to meet. Finally she agreed.

They decided to meet near her college, which was on his way to work. He could easily make it. But there was a problem. He is the part of a car pool and it was his turn to take his car. He asked the other guy to bring his car and pick him up from South Campus. He got ready earlier than usual and left to meet her in an auto. My memory fails me why he did not bring his car along. But thats how it was. He reached a little earlier than decided. He had to make some preparations. He bought a big ass chocolate, and checked out the possible places where they could chat. A coffee house seemed fine. He texted her where he was and started waiting for her. Suddenly a doubt crept into his mind -"I saw her 3 months ago for a brief period. Would i be able to recognise her. What if she already went past me". Oh no! Just in the middle of this panic attack he saw her coming. Black top, blue jeans. This calmed him down. He has not been stood up and he recognised her. Yay

They shook hands and sat in the coffee house. He was looking into her eyes. He looks at everyone like that. People lie. Eyes don't. He knows the importance of correctly judging people and so he looks into her eyes. This made her uncomfortable. She tried to avoid his gaze but he was persistent. She talked about her college and he talked about his job. They discussed movies and music and he looked at her throughout. They didn't realize how time flew. Atleast he didn't. It was time to go. His friends had come to pick him up and she had to go back to her classes. Little did they know that this meeting was just of the many many more to come. It was a good meeting. He still remembers it.

The meeting had done wonders for their friendships. It had brought them even closer. They used to talk in lengths about anything under the sun. He worked late and she had early classes and even then it did not stop them from spending the entire night just chatting. He really liked her. She is an amazing person. Very sweet, very caring. And intelligent. He started getting comfortable with this. So did she. They met many times and shared a lot of coffees. She is not that big a fan of coffee but tolerates it for him.

The feelings were very strong in both but he caved first. He did not tell her. He did not know how to. He had never told a girl that he loved her. He was confident but not in this area. He gave her a mixed tape - full of his favorite songs. He wrote her poems praising her and showing his feelings. She got the hint but didn't respond. She wanted him to come out. And he did.

She said NO!

WTF!!! What will he do now? Why did she say no. He asked her. "I am not allowed to"- she responded. Now what does this mean? She told him she wanted to but her parents wouldn't agree. He told her to have faith in him and trust him and look at him. If she showed her her parents what she saw, they would agree. They talked for days and nights. They fought with each other out of desperation. He knew she wanted the same but was afraid to take the leap. This went on for days. He kept trying.

She understood. She wanted to say yes. She said yes.

She said YES!

After that they saw all kinds of days. Happy. Sad. Angry. Mostly Happy. Many movies and many lunch dates. 2 minute dates where he would travel miles just to catch a glimpse of her. She would get up early to cook a tiffin for him. He would stand outside her window just to see her when they could not meet. She would pour out her heart in messages. Their love grew stronger as time passed. It changed from "It feels good to be with you" to "I need you to survive.".

2014 : She is still the little bubbly girl he fell in love with. He still teases her. He would move mountains to make anything happen for her and she would do the same. Even after so many years he would leave anything he is doing just to go see her for a moment and she is always ready to do anything to surprise him and make him smile. Their courtship period will soon come to a happy end as they are going to get married this year. She will come to him and he will make her the happiest girl on the face of the earth. For he still sees the love in her eyes which he saw when he met her for the first time. His eyes try find her everywhere and so her photo adorns his desk forever where he can look at her whenever he wants and thank god that he attended that wedding in 2007.

This is the story of Anusha and Akhil